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Syria vote is Jeremy Corbyn’s first real test

So here we are again. David Cameron seems determined to plough Britain into another war in another Arab country. This time in Syria.

To be precise, Britain has been involved in the covert destabilisation of Syria for years. Western spy agencies (including the Israelis) have been involved in arming and supplying assorted extremist militias and gangs at war with the Assad regime in Syria – including those allied to al-Qaeda.

The overall aim of such meddling, as I have argued before, is not to defeat the Assad regime outright, or to defeat the “Islamic State” outright, but actually to keep feeding the civil war. The logic, in the words of one former Israeli diplomat, is to “let both [sides] bleed”. As long as Arabs are busy with internal wars, they will not be fighting Israeli occupation or the West, so the cynical logic goes.

But now, of course, Cameron wants to deepen British involvement in the country by bombing “Islamic State” positions. He’s chosen his moment for this cleverly, coming as it does soon after the Islamic State atrocity in Paris.

Read more over at MEMO.

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Me on CKUT radio talking Jeremy Corbyn and Palestine

Canadian community radio station CKUT has a regular Palestine programme called Under the Olive Tree. Sawssan Kaddoura kindly invited me on to talk about Jeremy Corbyn’s election victory as new Labour Party leader and his long record as a Palestine solidarity activist. You can listen in the player embedded below, or linked to on their Facebook page.

UOT interviews Asa Winstanley (September 28, 2015) – Jeremy Corbyn by Under The Olive Tree (Ckut.Ca) on Mixcloud

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