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BBC attempts to paint Corbyn as anti-Semite — Asa Winstanley on Sputnik’s “By Any Means Necessary”

Listen to “R. Kelly and Alex Acosta Go For a Walk…” on Spreaker.

I was invited back on Sean Blackmon and Eugene Puryear’s excellent radio show in the US to talk about Panorama’s controversial programme “Is Labour Anti-Semitic”.

You can listen in the player above.

You can also read my articles on the subject here and here.

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Censored Al Jazeera film exposes anonymous Israeli blacklist — I talk to The Real News

I spoke to Aaron Mate of The Real News about our exclusive release of clips from The Lobby — USA, Al Jazeera’s censored film about groups in the US close to the Israeli government and how they are spying on US citizens.

Watch above, or read the transcript here.

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Independent media for Palestine — my talk in Brighton

This is the video of a talk that Brighton Palestine Solidarity Campaign invited me to give at their annual AGM in June.

In in I talk about: the role of independent media within the Palestine solidarity movement, specifically The Electronic Intifada; and about Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and its covert war against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

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The Nakba at 70 — my talk in Bristol

Here’s the video of a talk I gave in May at Bristol’s Palestine Museum, a great local activist project.

In it I talk about the modern day legacy of the Nakba, the Israeli ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948; BDS, the boycott divestment and sanctions movement against Israeli apartheid; and Israel’s current war against Palestine solidarity.

Thanks to the Palestine Museum for inviting me to take part.

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Talking Ofcom’s ruling on Al Jazeera Israel lobby film

I spoke to Al Jazeera English about Ofcom’s ruling in favour of Al Jazeera’s undercover documentary The Lobby.

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Debating the Labour Party purge on TRT World

I appeared on Turkish channel TRT World debating the current witch hunt in the Labour Party targeting leftists and supporters of Palestine. See my EI blog post for more details on the programme .

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Blaming the victim in Palestine

My colleague David Sheen was assaulted by the mob at a recent “Death to the Arabs” rally in Tel Aviv, for the crime of trying to film it.

Israel also of course habitually blames Palestinians for their own deaths – in wars started by Israel. In a transparent case of psychological projection, Israel blames Palestinian civilian deaths on the (imaginary) use of “human shields” by Palestinian resistance fighters.

In reality, civilians are killed because of Israel’s habit of bombing, shelling and destroying entire civilian neighbourhoods. And, in fact, as is well documented by human rights groups, it is Israel that uses Palestinian victims as human shields.

Read the rest over at MEMO.

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