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“For unfettered insights read Asa Winstanley’s excellent newsletter”John Pilger

“A star of true and honourable journalism” — Abdel Bari Atwan, iconic Palestinian journalist

“An excellent journalist speaking out about Israeli crimes against Palestinians” — Hala Jaber, former senior Sunday Times correspondent

“Essential reporting”Max Blumenthal, editor of The Grayzone

One of the UK’s top investigative reporters” — Matt Kennard, author of Irregular Army and The Racket

Asa Winstanley is an investigative journalist living in London who writes about Palestine and the Israel lobby.

He is an investigative reporter and associate editor for the award-winning Palestinian news site The Electronic Intifada. He is also co-host of The Electronic Intifada Podcast, with Nora Barrow-Friedman.

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Other publications he’s written for include: Middle East Monitor, Al-Akhbar English (Lebanon), Middle East EyeThe National, JacobinCeasefire Magazine, New Left ProjectJerusalem Media and Communications Centre, the Morning Star and Freedom.

He wrote a chapter in the book Israel and Gaza: Behind the Media Veil, published by MEMO in 2014. Along with Frank Barat, he was the editor of Corporate Complicity in Israel’s Occupation (Pluto Press) a collection of written and spoken evidence from the London session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

He has also done research for SpinWatch and press work for the publisher Just World Books. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists.


Asa Winstanley is originally from south Wales, first went to Palestine at the end of 2004 and worked in the occupied West Bank until 2007. Among other things, he was media coordinator for the International Solidarity Movement, and later wrote for and was an editor at the late Palestine Times, the first Palestinian English-language daily newspaper published in the occupied West Bank.

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Some of my critics

“Anti-Israel blogger”The Times

“No need to read this nonsense” — Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, John McTernan

“A bit dogmatic”Toby Young

“Prominent anti-Israel journalist” — the Jewish Chronicle

A special kind of lowlife scum” — Israeli fascist party Herut

“He’s a dickhead … these people are sad, sad tossers … they can go die in a hole”Ella Rose, former Jewish Labour Movement director, also a former Israeli embassy officer.

“Absolutely appalling” — Times of Israel blogger Jenni Frazer

“A known Israel traducer” — Times of Israel blogger Jonathan Hoffman

[Among] some of Britain’s worst extremists” — Anonymous Harry’s Place blogger

A hit in anti-Israel circles… [has] links to terror-enabling organisations” — Anonymous blogger at UK Media Watch