UK lawsuit challenges college union’s right to boycott Israel

The first in my new series of articles looking into the Zionist legal campaign against the UCU for discussing academic boycott — and against the BDS movement in general. Part two likely to follow soon after Christmas. An extract:

The director of Academic Friends of Israel is suing his own union in an employment tribunal. Ronnie Fraser accuses the 120,000-member-strong University and College Union of “institutional anti-Semitism” after its congress passed motions calling for members to discuss the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli universities.

But according to one court document seen by The Electronic Intifada, Fraser follows a definition of anti-Semitism that seems to include any criticism of Israel. It says he considers “anti-Semitism” to include comments “targeting specifically the State of Israel which was conceived as a Jewish state.”


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2 Responses to UK lawsuit challenges college union’s right to boycott Israel

  1. Christopher Teague

    So does that mean that Jews who critcise the Israeli Government are anti-semites?

  2. It does mean that yes. But do understand that this action is part of the overall strategy of gagging dissenting voices Currently it is not just the UCU that is being intimidated in this way. Others include more than one respected charity and a prominent Anglican priest. see here

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