Angry Arab talk: “The Case Against Israel”

As`ad AbuKhalil speaks on “The Case Against Israel”. Audio recorded at Goldsmiths, 17 January 2011. The opening night of his UK tour, hosted by Goldsmiths Palestine Campaign. Mostly about Palestine, but some Syria and other interesting discussion in the Q&A.

Click play above to listen, download the MP3 here, or download in other formats here.

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4 thoughts on “Angry Arab talk: “The Case Against Israel””

  1. hi i was wandering if this talk and others he has scheduled are open to the public. I would really like to attend the one in oxford.

    1. Yes they are open to the public as far as I know. University society talks like this are usually open to anyone. I’m not a student and went to the Goldsmiths talk.

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