The Return of “the BBC’s” Paul Martin

Sometimes a great story is just handed to you on a plate. And so it was with Paul Martin/Paul Cainer/Paul Martin Cainer/Cainer Paul Martin/”Sayed Anwar”. I was following up some tips and unused leads for my story about him from last month, when Martin emailed me demanding I do an interview with him (“I hope you have the guts”).

And thus this freelance reporter who works for the BBC and others mainstream UK media managed to dig himself in deeper with an utterly weird performance. This article is the product of over a month’s research. Enjoy:

“Why does The Electronic Intifada attack every single western news organization?” he complained, reeling off a long list of examples. “Admit what you are: a bunch of propagandists, don’t attack the other media … I’m a journalist, you’re a propagandist … You find two things that you think are ‘questionable’… and you want to try and ruin my whole 35 years of excellent coverage,” he said.

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