Documents reveal Zionist group spied on US student delegation to Palestine

Nora Barrows-Friedman and myself spent much of January working on this major investigative piece, after we at The Electronic Intifada obtained secret documents of The Amcha Initiative and the Investigative Taskforce on Campus Antisemitism. Not long after we approached them for comment, ITCA responded by effectively shutting down its website (it now demands a user name and password). You can get an idea of what the site used to look like using the Internet Archive.

We’ve published the main document at the end of the report itself, as well as several other of the files mentioned in the article in an accompanying blog post.

A right-wing Zionist group in California infiltrated a student trip to Palestine in 2012, a raft of secret documents obtained by The Electronic Intifada shows.

The documents confirm long-held activist suspicions that anti-Palestinian political groups are spying on student activists.

The files give a rare insight into the murky world of pro-Israel groups’ surveillance of students and other activists in campuses across the United States.

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