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  1. Following up on JNF greenwashing the Negev. There are also more valid reasons why Israel wants to exclude the Bedouin from the Negev. Arutz Sheva reports periodically about natural gas exploration/drilling not only off the shore of Gaza, but also near Lod Airport and the Behemoth Field off the coast of Haifa. They suggest even a railroad may be on the drawing board to cross the Negev so petroleum does not need to pass across the Sinai.

    Israel has been exploring the depths of the earth below the Dead Sea. Some of the core samples reveal high levels of uranium. Seems they are going to be doing some test drilling in the Negev, possibly near Arad because the quality of the uranium samples are so high. Some readers may have suggestions about where the processing infrastructure will be placed for the natural gas industry.

  2. What a great idea, Danya, for SJP to have a library. I fiallny believe I have found a destination for the btSelem human rights reports i receive in the mail from Jerusalem. i have a box full to donate to you. i think for the right student they would make great primary sources for human rights research on Palestine.

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