Blog upgrade

Today, I finally got round to upgrading to WordPress 2.2 — yay me. It was about time really, since this site was stuck in 1.5 for ages.

Now I’ll have less spam to deal with on this blog, which will be a big relief. Coming soon: a new look to the site (probably). For now, it looks the same on the outside, but the underlying software is a lot better.

Update, 1st August: trying a new theme. It’s only the WordPress default, but it allows me to experiment with the brilliant new widgets. Will probably try various other themes over the next week or so.

Update, 23rd August: I think I’m settled on this one now, BigBlue. It’s rather nice and has the all-important widgets — a feature that on its own makes upgrading to the 2.0 branch of WordPress worth it.

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