Blog upgrade

Today, I finally got round to upgrading to WordPress 2.2 — yay me. It was about time really, since this site was stuck in 1.5 for ages.

Now I’ll have less spam to deal with on this blog, which will be a big relief. Coming soon: a new look to the site (probably). For now, it looks the same on the outside, but the underlying software is a lot better.

Update, 1st August: trying a new theme. It’s only the WordPress default, but it allows me to experiment with the brilliant new widgets. Will probably try various other themes over the next week or so.

Update, 23rd August: I think I’m settled on this one now, BigBlue. It’s rather nice and has the all-important widgets — a feature that on its own makes upgrading to the 2.0 branch of WordPress worth it.

Web site woes

There’s been a lot of problems with my website so far while I’ve been here, so appologies if you’ve followed a link from one of my emails or checked this site and it has not worked. I’ve restarted this site using a completely fresh database and so far, the problems seem to be fixed, so fingers crossed it will all be OK now. A new report about the anti-wall demonstrations in Bil’in and other places is half done and will be here in the next few days. Plus more pictures soon…

A new era in web-based Asa life

Well, I’ve finally got WordPress installed, to go along with my brand new URL. The next stage is to figure out CSS and how this WordPress templates system works, so that I can get this site looking any good – it looks like a bit of a mess at the moment. The stage atfer that will be to slowly post all the reading links I’ve been collecting in a text file for over a year. This is the main point of this weblog – to keep track of all the useful/interesting/noteworthy stuff I’ve read online. This is mostly political stuff, along with a little of my own commentary.

I also need a better name for this site – anyone with any idea let me know!