Domain name problems (now fixed)

We’re having some domain name troubles over at American Hummus. I am reliably informed that the site will be up again within the next few days. Apologies to anyone looking for the site. Hang on and we’ll be back soon.

Update, 10th August: And we’re back.

More of my commentary on AH

Another media commentary from me on American Hummus, this time on an Israeli government broadcast in which the spokesperson refers to the absolutist Saudi monarchy as “moderate”.

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Archive videos from Israel’s February invasion of Nablus

Another From The Archive post to American Hummus by me. Have a look at the videos of Israel’s invasion of Nablus — it shows the Israeli government’s idea of the word “ceasefire”.

Ammerican Hummus archive

I’ve begun to post on the excellent American Hummus blog. There are quite a few old videos in the backlog still worth posting and commenting on, so I begun today. Have a look at today’s clip about Jimmy Carter.