Peter Oborne: HSBC closures of pro-Palestinian accounts part of US ‘attack on democracy’

My interview with Peter Oborne, who recently quit The Telegraph in protest:

Tamimi says they all have one thing in common: “We participate in pro Palestine or pro-democracy rallies. That’s what we do and that’s common amongst all of us. So probably someone has been monitoring.”

But the piece was published on the website openDemocracy. What few realised at the time was the reason it had not seen the light of day in The Telegraph.

The truth only became clear last month, when Oborne sensationally used the openDemocracy platform to announce his resignation from the paper. The coverage of HSBC in the Telegraph is “a fraud on its readers,” he wrote. The paper, he said, had allowed the giant bank’s advertising contracts to significantly and fatally influence its news coverage

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