Syriza-led government learns to “love Israel”

Greek foreign policy:

The party’s 2012 “40-point programme” called for the “abolition of military cooperation with Israel” as part of a wider anti-militarist stance. But what a U-turn now.

In a joint press conference in Jerusalem with the Israeli prime minister, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias seemed determined to continue the path of the former conservative government, which from 2010 started the country on a new path towards joint military cooperation and training exercises with Israel, despite its regular massacres of the civilian population of Gaza.

“We have to learn to love Israel,” gushed Kotzias, in a short statement last week, which seemed deliberately truncated in order to allow Netanyahu to dominate the press conference with his usual propaganda themes (mostly agitating against the deal to ease sanctions against Iran).

Read the whole article over at MEMO.

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