“It’s part of a pattern of how the state of Israel operates” — Asa Winstanley talks to Al Jazeera Arabic about The Archimedes Group and Israeli election subversion on Facebook

I appeared on Al Jazeera Arabic and talked to them about The Archimedes Group, the latest Israeli private enterprise busted for online fakery and election subversion. Facebook removed many of their accounts but, as I told Al Jazeera, has refused to take action against other Israeli-linked groups creating misleading and fake pages on Facebook, such as The Israel Project. (You can read more about The Archimedes Group in my colleague Ali Abunimah’s report on The Electronic Intifada.)

We also discussed the NSO Group, another Israeli spy firm, which hacks the phones of (among many others) Saudi dissidents and human rights activists — most recently via WhatsApp, which has now fixed the vulnerability.

Originally posted here 24 May and backdated to airing date.

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