Investigation shows bots used in effort to smear Jeremy Corbyn — Asa Winstanley on Loud and Clear

I spoke to Brain Becker for his Loud & Clear show on Radio Sputnik about my investigation into a network of fake “Labour” anti-Semitic Twitter sockpuppet accounts that were fuelling the “crisis”.

I said: “With Joan Ryan’s known links to Israeli embassy agents, including Shai Masot, the Israeli embassy spy … questions have to be asked … what is she doing with that data? … Is she sending it back to Israel?”

Censored Al Jazeera film exposes anonymous Israeli blacklist — I talk to The Real News

I spoke to Aaron Mate of The Real News about our exclusive release of clips from The Lobby — USA, Al Jazeera’s censored film about groups in the US close to the Israeli government and how they are spying on US citizens.

Watch above, or read the transcript here.

Asa Winstanley does RT news review with Afshin Rattansi

I appeared on RT reviewing the news.

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Talking Ofcom’s ruling on Al Jazeera Israel lobby film

I spoke to Al Jazeera English about Ofcom’s ruling in favour of Al Jazeera’s undercover documentary The Lobby.

Secret BDS blacklists: The Real News

My appearance on The Real News to discuss Israel’s covert campaign against the BDS movement. Transcript on The Real News website. The articles discussed in the interview are here and here.

My appearance in Al Jazeera’s film, The Lobby


I appeared in Al Jazeera’s four-part undercover documentary The Lobby, which aired in January. I was in parts one and two, which you can view above (the videos should skip straight to my contributions). All four parts can be viewed here.

The film led to the forced resignations of Israeli embassy officer Shai Masot and civil servant Maria Strizzolo.

Click here to read the article I wrote mentioned in the film, which had exposed Jewish Labour Movement director Ella Rose’s former role as an Israeli embassy officer. It was the article which led for her to express the wish for me to “die in a hole,” as seen in part two above.

Me on the Real News talking Shai Masot

I appeared on the Real News back in January, talking about the Israeli embassy scandal. You can watch the video above, and read my take on Shai Masot here.

Talking the Israeli embassy scandal on Sputnik News

I appeared on Sputnik News back in January talking about the Israeli embassy scandal over Shai Masot, its disgraced senior political officer. You can listen to the segment here.

An Israeli embassy official has been caught on camera plotting to “take down” British MPs regarded as hostile. Senior political officer Shai Masot was recorded by an undercover reporter from Al Jazeera making comments about several politicians including foreign office minister Alan Duncan. We hear from journalist Asa Winstanley.

Debating the Labour Party purge on TRT World

I appeared on Turkish channel TRT World debating the current witch hunt in the Labour Party targeting leftists and supporters of Palestine. See my EI blog post for more details on the programme .

Me on CKUT radio talking Jeremy Corbyn and Palestine

Canadian community radio station CKUT has a regular Palestine programme called Under the Olive Tree. Sawssan Kaddoura kindly invited me on to talk about Jeremy Corbyn’s election victory as new Labour Party leader and his long record as a Palestine solidarity activist. You can listen in the player embedded below, or linked to on their Facebook page.

UOT interviews Asa Winstanley (September 28, 2015) – Jeremy Corbyn by Under The Olive Tree (Ckut.Ca) on Mixcloud

I appeared on the German version of RT talking about Israel’s alliance with al-Qaida in Syria

I was dubbed into German:

I talk to Antiwar Radio about Israel’s alliance with al-Qaida

I talked to Scott Horton, the host of Antiwar Radio in the US. I can’t seem to embed the audio play, but you can just follow this link to stream or download the segment. The main article I wrote about the topic, which I refer to in the interview, is here.